Looking each bunch after with love

High vine arbor

In the best slopes of Zarautz and Getaria caressed by the sea breeze, our vineyards breathe nitrates and they feed bu a humid soil that exudes fertility, power of quality and uniqueness of our Txakolis .

With an area of ​​22hc. in a traditional high trellis system, there are two native varieties that define our Txakoli, Hondarribi-Zuri and Hondarribi-beltza. It fill us with pride the progress we have made in sustainable viticulture to preserve and protect the environment. It will define and thus characterize the Txakoli Rezabal.

Hondarribi Beltza

Light, velvet and delicated.
It will aport light aromas.
It will well a balanced Txakoli.

Hondarribi Zuri

Alive, refreshing and fruity.
It will aport its strenght, its acid refreshing and its aroma.
It will well a refreshing, elegant and aromatic Txakoli.