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This pressure apparently escalates to your pressure for people to transform so you’re able to a different gender expression completely

Once the Ayan denies the presence of homosexuality and you will nonbinary title, that it key makes it much simpler getting your to better strategy matchmaking between people in the community, most of who try feminine

  • The guy encourages “healing” instruction one emphasize private failings and serve as a continuing means off coercive handle. This is much like the means of a number of other cults, such as for example Scientology’s well known auditing instruction. Previous TFU users declaration having to manage data recovery instructions that history to 24 hours. Such sessions as well as a routine practice known as “echo exercise” are designed to keep professionals inside the a constant state out-of turbulence and you may trauma, excavating individual traumatization and you can problems that might or might not feel actual, all-in buy to keep a state out of crisis and additional reliance and you can reliance upon the newest recommendations off Ayan, the teachers, and other people in the group. Depending on the docuseries, Ayan gifts members’ personal troubles given that manifestations from exactly how damaged and you can damaged he or she is while the individuals.
  • He arranges relationship and you will marriages inside class, generally purchasing particular players to obtain to each other by the virtue from informing all of them that they’re one another’s twin flames. The entire notion of an effective “twin flame” is the fact it’s novel and long lasting, and entire reason behind Ayan’s so-called religious powers is that he’s the only one who’ll pick another person’s book permanent cosmically ordained dual fire. Yet , several members was 1st informed you to definitely their twin flame are one individual, merely to provides Jeff transform his notice and you may assign all of them good more dual flames, have a tendency to following the very first person has actually leftover the team.
  • The guy demands people to pay about money in the new system, often by the “progressing right up” in order to become a very central the main company, otherwise by purchasing another type of product provided by the team. As he and you may Shaleia bragged on riding Porsches, surviving in a mansion, and you can wear creator trends, it advised members to pay out thousands of dollars purchasing classification information and you will training sessions. One to previous TFU associate profile expenses $20,000 in order to feel a certified TFU mentor.

In one aspect, The fresh new Twin Flame Universe society goes far beyond normal cults might: Ayan claims this one players can be “spiritually male” otherwise “spiritually female,” and they must accept and you can share their true gender.

In addition it, obviously, try an extreme sort of coercive handle, plus it cannot be overstated the methods off coercion into the this group have absolutely nothing related to genuine trans name. In reality, you to definitely former person in TFU that is trans leftover the group once the she noticed because of Ayan’s attempts to coerce members to your artificially modifying its gender expressions. A different sort of former associate titled Angie located by herself very first being exhausted so you’re able to accept that she is “spiritually male” and to top and magnificence by herself since the even more butch. After developing an effective smash on another woman regarding the group, this escalated to the tension to live and present since a person, as well as changing their own name.

Angie fundamentally bankrupt and remaining the group, resuming existence due to the fact a beneficial cisgender woman

Probably one of the most heartwrenching reports recounted into the Escaping Dual Flame questions an early lady called Marlee just who inserted the team on the age of 19, just to learn of the Ayan one to their own twin flames are an arbitrary complete stranger that has messaged her on the Myspace. The guy ended up being eleven decades avove the age of Marlee, no employment, severe psychological state difficulties, and you can a criminal record. However, Ayan coerced Marlee to your transferring to yet another condition in order is which have him, no matter if inside her terms, “I did not like this guy; he was creepy.” In one movies at the beginning of its matchmaking, a whining elizabeth is having, obviously distraught. “Everybody has points,” a supremely unbothered Ayan says to their particular. “You should think about it while the prequel for the union.” Shortly after way of life similar to this for a few years, Marlee fundamentally ends up that “the person who I thought is my personal twin flames was only some random guy I became obligated to become which have.”